The “1+1=3” Promotion


Dear friends! We are excited to introduce the latest promotion that allows you to purchase packages of shares at very profitable prices, as well as, increase your career qualification and CCA! 

Conditions of the promotion: 

When purchasing two packages of the same kind (Go/Biz/Premium/Invest, Superpack, Megapack, Gigapack, VIP) during the promotional period, the partner receives a third package of the same kind complimentary.

Please note:

  • For a partner’s purchase of the first package as part of this promotion, the sponsor receives standard rewards. For the second package, the sponsor receives an additional +50% to the standard personal bonus (Table 1). 

  • The complimentary (third) package of shares is free, it includes shares and CCA, as well as, increases the investment status of the buyer. The complimentary package of shares is awarded to the buyer's account, i.e. a package without the right of alienation.

  • For the sponsor, this package includes promotions, but does not provide CCA, personal bonus, points for the network and points towards the status for the sponsor.

  • The “1+1=3” promotion does not include packages purchased through options.

  • The complimentary package does not apply towards the 11th salary and does not participate in the “Special conditions for receiving Gem Market shares”.

Validity period of the promotion: 12.00 (GMT+3) October 17 - November 13 of 2023.

Rush to take advantage of this unique opportunity and add shares to your investment portfolios!